Illuminating Lives: Conquering Blindness

Step into the extraordinary realm of the Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation, where our audacious mission to eradicate extreme poverty by curing blindness has propelled us on an awe-inspiring journey. Driven by the belief that our work can truly change lives, we set out to make an indelible difference and, against all odds, have surpassed our wildest dreams.

Impactful Beginnings

At the core of our foundation lies a deep commitment to extend support and aid to those needlessly trapped in the darkness of cataract blindness. As we embarked on this noble quest, we swiftly realised the profound impact our interventions could wield on individuals and entire communities. In just our two years, we conducted over thirty-six thousand surgeries in three nations, touching countless lives and kindling the flame of hope.

Transforming Lives, One Surgery at a Time

Venturing into the diverse regions of Nepal, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of our work, elevating individuals from the depths of extreme poverty. Through our outreach camps in remote and challenging areas, we screened and healed entire communities, beholding the incredible metamorphosis that transpired as people’s vision was restored. Our endeavours not only cured cataracts but also gifted people with a newfound lease on life.

Beyond Curing Blindness: Fostering Sustainable Communities

While our primary focus remains on curing blindness, we recognise the crucial significance of constructing sustainable infrastructure that empowers communities to flourish. Our innovative surgical techniques have not only offered immediate relief but have also been imparted and implemented across Asia and Africa, fostering positive change within medical facilities through strategic partnerships.

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission stands in harmony with the United Nations foremost sustainable development goal: eradicating global poverty (SDG1). By alleviating blindness and its socioeconomic consequences, we actively contribute to transforming this goal into a tangible reality. It is with immense pride that we join the global movement toward a more equitable and prosperous world.

Driving Towards a Radiant Future

With each surgery performed and every life uplifted, our determination to leave a lasting impact grows resolute. By harnessing our social and economic influence, we are steadfast in our commitment to curing up to 500,000 individuals by 2030. Throughout our inaugural year, we have had the privilege of collaborating with selfless and devoted partners in hospitals and our outreach camps, fostering a spirit of unity and amplifying our collective influence.

A Conviction to Enrich Lives

What began as a humble endeavour to combat avoidable blindness has blossomed into an unwavering conviction to contribute not only to the UN’s SDG1 but also to the holistic social and economic development of impoverished communities worldwide. We firmly believe that through unified efforts, we can forge a brighter future, where poverty is eradicated and opportunities abound for all.

As we reflect upon the extraordinary odyssey of the Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation, we stand in awe of the lives we have touched and the profound impact we have made. From the humble beginnings of our quest to cure blindness, we have expanded our vision to encompass the holistic transformation of impoverished communities. Together, with unyielding dedication and a shared purpose, we march forward, striving to create a world where extreme poverty is vanquished and hope is reignited. Let us continue to be the catalysts of change, illuminating the world and making it a better place for all.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation was founded in March 2021 by London philanthropist Tej Kolhi and Kathmandu ‘God of Sight’ Dr Sanduk Ruit. As of November 2022 the NGO had screened 170,022 patients and cured 22,663of blindness at 91 outreach camps in Nepal, Bhutan and Ghana. The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation is a restricted fund operating under the auspices of Prism The Gift Fund, registered UK charity number 1099682. The Foundation targets the #1 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing poverty by making large-scale surgical interventions to cure blindness at the grassroots in the developing world. All treatments are provided completely free, with 100% of the funding coming from Tej Kohli and the Kohli family.