Our Influencer Panel has a combined following of over 23,730,000

Our Influencer Panel helps to amplify our messages and to reach and educate new audiences about how curing needless blindness can be a major catalyst to eradicating extreme poverty in the developing world.

Sahana Bajracharya

Sahana Bajracharya is a Nepalese TV personality & multimedia storyteller. She has worked as a TV anchor and host and now spends uses her platform to spread awareness.

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Jitshen Rika Dorji

Jitshenn is a Bhutanese YouTuber and social media influencer living in Australia.. She is best known for her videos that document her travelling around Asia.

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Mz Dru

Mz Dru is a media personality, youth empowerment advocate & all round lover of life! Passioniate for giving back and travelling, she shines light on the beautiful hidden & sometimes forgotten gems across Africa.

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Indranil Saha

Indranil, known online as Indro is an Indian eSports influencer. Indro posts regular gaming and lifestyle vlogs via his YouTube channel and Instagram.

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                                   30.9k     205k

Pinda Rika Dorji

Pinda Rika Dorji, also known online as pindaPanda, is a Bhutanese esports influencer, YouTuber, and pro gamer. She has also hosted many televised eSports tournaments.

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Shagufta Iqbal

Shagufta Iqbal, better known as Xyaa is an Indian gaming YouTuber and influencer who shares live-stream content. Xyaa is also known as the first Indian female gaming YouTuber.

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